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Rain Report!


Nothing is better for a thirsty plant than a good downpour. In this activity, you’ll make your own rain gauge, which will measure just how much rain falls in your garden. Place it outside to create your own Raindrop Report!

Let's gather

  • waterproof ruler

  • clear, wide-mouthed jar

  • tape

  • paper and pencil

Let's get started

  1. Place the ruler in the jar. Tape it to the edge with the numbers facing outwards and the smallest numbers towards the bottom.

  2. Take your jar outside and place it in the open. Make sure it’s not under any trees, but also try to put it where it won’t get kicked over.

  3. After the first rain, go out to your rain gauge and read the ruler to measure how much water fell. Write it down.

  4. Check your local weather forecast and see how the rain level in your garden compared to the rain that fell in other places from the same downpour.

  5. Use the rainwater from your gauge to water the plants in your garden.

  6. Place the empty gauge back outside for your next measurement.

Download the Activity

Download PDF • 1.17MB

Inspired by:

I Like the Rain

Lyrical, rhyming text and playful, hand-painted illustrations invite young readers to share in the rhythm of the rushing rain. Includes educational STEM endmatter about rain and how it helps humans and the earth.

Written by Sarah Nelson

Illustrated by Rachel Oldfield

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