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Who are we?

New Zealand-based Barefoot Books Community Booksellers (formerly Ambassadors) promoting award-winning children's books and gifts created by Barefoot Books that inspire children to be kind, caring, resilient, compassionate, open-minded, global citizens who think critically and creatively.  

We are... Barefoot Kids NZ (previously  Barefoot Books NZ)

Our journey with Barefoot Books started in 2011.


Our oldest Barefoot kid was only 18 months and we were looking for books that are interactive and reflective of our values and cultural identity. 


After much research, Sariah came across the Barefoot Books website and was very impressed with the collection of stories from all over the world.

The first book that Sariah came across was "Fabric of Fairy Tale" and was captivated by the beautiful artwork and illustrations. This book is a collection of folktales from all around the world, weaving of words and fabrics. and featured the Kiwi author Tanya Batt. This book now has  special place in our home library. 

At the time, Barefoot Books was not available in New Zealand and we were not able to find the books in any of the major stores. The only way to get Barefoot Books was to import them from the US. 


With assistance from the wonderful Barefoot Books team, we explored various options to bring Barefoot Books into New Zealand. That was how we became the first and (at the time) only NZ-based Barefoot Books Ambassador (now Community Bookseller). We are pleased to be able to introduce Barefoot Books to our New Zealand community and seeing the joy in our children's eyes as they flipped through the pages of each book. 


We named our company Barefoot Books New Zealand when we started in 2011. Over the years, our Barefoot family grew and we now have three Barefoot kids. 


We decided In June 2021, to change our name to Barefoot Kids NZ as we felt the new name is more aligned with our vision and values.  Our Barefoot kids have been living these values and we hope to share more of the values with everyone we meet. 

Do browse our website and learn more about our products and what we have to offer. Drop us an email at if you need any assistance. We would love to help!

If you are interested to find out how you can also promote Barefoot Books products, visit for more info. 

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