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Barefoot Kids Library


Having Barefoot Books books to your home or school library is a great way to increase literacy in children while inspiring them to explore their own creative gifts and also learn about the world around them. The 6th BOOK is FREE and if your order exceeds $80, SHIPPING is also FREE.  


Sing-along Books

These educational singalong books get children moving, grooving and learning: 
1. Read the colourful books
2. Listen to the catchy tunes
3. Watch the lively animations
4. Sing & dance along
5. Learn with the nonfiction notes at the end. 

Story Books with audio

Fire up the imagination with traditional tales that parents and educators love! Get swept away as narrators read classic takes & Barefoot favourites. These stories not only ignites children's imaginations but can also open their hearts and minds to different cultures and perspectives. 



STEM/STEAM is the integration of science, technology, engineering, (arts) and mathematics. Feed the curious minds! Careers in STEM are growing at a much higher rate than in other fields. Children who get a leg up on STEM learning will have a head start in their future!

Global Books

The world is at your feet! These books introduce children to a variety of cultures and ways of life. Many of them combine traditional stories with clearly presented factual notes, giving our young readers an early taste of cultural diversity while learning what unites us all. 


Chapter Books

Chapter books are perfect as your child progress from an early reader, who needs to sound out each word, to a more confident reader, who is starting to read faster and follow stories longer. They feature exciting storylines, beautiful illustrations and age-appropriate language to help young readers discover the pleasure of reading alone. 

Hardcover Books

Get your favourite books in hardcover! Designed to weather the hard knocks, hardcover books are more durable than paperback books and tend to last longer. They make the perfect gift or treasured keepsake for your library.  

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