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We have created an App, powered by Space by Wix, to make it easy for you to stay connected, access our online resources and shop on the go.
You can even watch animated videos, if you had purchased any singalong book with audio and video CD from us, or listen to the audiobooks directly on the app.
We understand it can sometimes be tricky to download and install the app. So follow the guide to get started.
You only need to set it up once and you can connect with us whenever you wish. 
Install the app

Step 1

Download the Spaces by Wix app:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store (on iPhone) or Google Play (on Android).

  2. Type 'Spaces by Wix' in the Search field.

  3. Click Get or Install to download the app.


You can also download the Spaces by Wix app right to your phone using these links:


Got the app? Join by using this invite code: ROZMKM

Step 2

Follow the instructions on the screen. They could be in the order below:

App step 1.png

(a) if you had received a text message, click on the link

App step 2.png

(b) Click on "Install"

App step 3.jpg

(c) once the app has installed, click "Open"

App step 4.png

(d) click on "Sign Up" to create an account

App step 5.png

(e) sign-up using your preferred method

App step 6.png

(f) if you are signing-up via "Email", enter your email account

App step 7.png

(g) create your "Password"

App step 8.png

(h) click on "Join with the Code"

App step 9.png

(i) enter the code "ROZMKM"

App step 10.png

(j) click on "Join"

App step 11.png

(k) you are now connected with us and can join in all app exclusive special and promotions!

Add shortcut to Home Screen

You can easily find and locate us on your phone by adding a shortcut to your home screen. Just do these 3 simple steps and you can get access to our online resources anytime you wish.*

On Android
App step 12.png

(a) Locate and click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right hand side of your screen. See the orange circle.

App step 13.png

(b) click on "Add to Home Screen"

App step 14.png

(j) click on "Add automatically"

On iPhones, iPads and iPods
  1. Open the site in Safari on your device.

  2. Tap the Share icon .
    Note: The Share icon appears next to the browser bar at the top on iPads and on the bottom bar for iPhones and iPods.

  3. Tap Add to Home Screen.

  4. Enter a name for the shortcut.

  5. Click Add.

* You will need to connect to wifi or internet to access the online resources. 

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